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Build in 1990 as a 1800cc G60. Rebuild in 2002 into a 1900cc TDI Welcome to My Corrado tdi page!

These pages are under construction until the project is completely finished.

This is not an official Volkswagen page!


I have always been busy with volkswagen tuning and rebuilds. So as i bought this car i was wondering what kind of project i would start. I'm past the big bumpers and wide body kit age. So i was thinking to do some bigger mechanical work and some minor body work. I have one rule. tune the car but keep the body as close as possible to the original line.

there is also a must do when you tune a car. engine tuning, lowering the car, other alloy's. And some body work to make youre car just a little difrent than the car arround the corner.


16" alloy wheels and coilovers from supersport -85/60 How?

Right now the project is still running. So when i have some pictures iw will upload them to this page and tell my story.

Ivo's previous big bumper en wide body project.

I know some people like my project and other people don't. When the car will be ready, i hope it will be some bad company to sprint from stoplight to stoplight.

These are the ingredients i will be using: 1990 corrado 1800 G60 (160 hp & 228Nm torque), 2001 1.9 TDI engine (110hp & 235Nm torque), coilovers (supersport), specail brake disks (Sandtler), short-shifter (Gema), alloys (reworked 15" BBS alloys type RM) and bigger intercooler.

If these things work together before newyear i will be happy.

Fase 2 will be: electr. recaro's and the whole inside of the car retrimed in black leather some minor body work like A6 doorhandels, a special rear bumper, rework the front bumper to give the intercooler more air, and a new paint job (same color).

If it is possible i would like to have black or mirror windows all round.